An Attack by Agribusiness


Dear Allies of RMM, Agribusiness has launched an attack to undo what we’ve worked decades to achieve. As allies of RMM are well aware, farmworkers and their supporters waged a long campaign to gain equality under New York’s labor laws. It was a campaign that built upon the efforts of Cesar Chavez, calling for the just treatment of the men, women and children who feed us. In 2019, after decades of marches and vigils, endless lobbying and sacrifice, the Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act finally passed, and farmworkers for the first time in New York history were given the right to bargain collectively, without fear of punishing reprisal. Their voices would finally be heard. Their arguments include the unfathomable premise that giving farmworkers equal rights will deny the farmers their freedom of speech. This is outrageous. We have seen this strategy develop recently across the country as right-wing efforts seek to batter freedom and equality, often bringing in outside lawyers with cases that they ultimately hope to bring before the U.S. Supreme Court. We must continue to stand against such efforts! It's not surprising – every time there is a step forward to combat racism, to be inclusive of those who are marginalized, it is expected that there will be pushback by those in power and those fearful of change. Rural & Migrant Ministry will stand tall against these efforts – but this takes resources. That’s why we need your financial support! Our amazing law firm in Albany is already strategizing. We are mobilizing our people, and we are going out of our way to reaffirm to our farmworking brothers and sisters that we will not abandon them. We have been at this for 40 years — we are not about to give up. Please help us continue to stand against these nefarious efforts. Please stand with us. Please put your money where your passion is … Donate today! Help keep RMM in the struggle! Executive Director
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