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Watch DREAMers Among US (Ahora con subtítulos en español!)

Did you enjoy the film? All DVD purchases are contributed to a new DREAMers Scholarship Fund.

Our Story

Between 2012-2014 we, as members of the Hudson Dreamers committee in the Youth Arts Group (YAG), worked extensively on a professional quality short documentary that shares the true stories of 5 local undocumented students, and their struggle accessing higher education due to their status.

In YAG, one of our main concerns is the passage of the New York State DREAM Act that will allow otherwise eligible undocumented youth within New York State to apply for state financial aid to pursue higher education. The documentary is important for us because it gives voice to a struggle that some of our undocumented members and their families face every day. Your support is meaningful because it lets our members and our community both know that we are not alone, and that together we can make positive change.

History of DREAMers Among US

Who We Are
Hello! We are DREAMers, and friends and family members of DREAMers, who live in the Hudson Valley of New York. A DREAMer is a young undocumented person who would be eligible for the DREAM Act if it passed. We use the term undocumented to mean anyone who entered the USA without identification, or whose identification has expired.

As DREAMers and allies, we are fighting for change despite all difficulties. We come from a rural area where there is less information and understanding about undocumented people. One reason for the silence is that as rural youth, we do not have the same access to transportation, resources, immigration professionals, or workshops. We hoped that making a short film would spread awareness in our area and help the larger movement.

The Project
DREAMers Among US is a film project that we officially started in June 2013 with help from acclaimed Director U. Roberto Romano (The Harvest, Dark Side of Chocolate). When Romano unexpectedly passed away in fall 2013, we reached out to filmmaker Ilene Cutler for help. With her mentorship and a successful Indiegogo campaign we were able to continue the project. Over the summer of 2014 we edited our footage and finished a 21 minute long documentary. We are the producers, directors, cinematographers, editors and are among the subjects. We have premiered the film in the Hudson Valley, New York City, the Finger Lakes, Westchester County—and already won Best Short Documentary at the Hudson Valley International Film Festival and the Greater Washington Immigration Film Festival. The film sends the message that DREAMers cannot remain in the shadows without equal rights anymore. That them, WE, are a reality.

Over a thousand people saw the film at screenings in 2015 across the state, and at film festivals. We won Best Short Documentary at the Greater Washington Immigration Film Fest and the Hudson Valley International Film Fest. Thank you for your support!

We are a part of the Youth Arts Group (YAG), which is a leadership program for teens to learn to fight for social justice and create a difference in our community using art as a tool. YAG is a part of Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc., a nonprofit that nurtures leadership in rural New York State.