Save the Date

Join the Justice for Farmworkers Legislative Campaign on January 17, 2018 at 10 AM at the Legislative
Office Building (LOB) WELL at the Albany State Capitol for A Farmworker Fair Labor Hearing:
An Inquiry into the Ethical Treatment of Farmworkers in the State of New York.

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The Farmworker Fair Labor Human Rights Hearing, will take place from 10AM to 2PM in Hearing Room B in the Legislative Office Building. The Hearing will feature a panel of Human Rights Observers who will listen to the testimony of multiple courageous New York state Farmworkers who will describe their day to day living and working conditions. Observers include:

  • Sam Waterston (actor, Law and Order),
  • Tom Gerety (former Executive Director of the Brennan Center for Justice),
  • Jeanne Mirer (President, International Commission on Labor Rights),
  • Sr. Doreen Glynn (Justice Coordinator, Sisters of St. Joseph),
  • Johannes Jacome (Protecting Mexicans Abroad from the Mexican Consulate).
  • The Observers will have the opportunity to not only listen to the testimony of the Farmworkers, but also ask relevant questions in order to present a series of findings to New York State and the audience after lunch.

    Farmworkers across New York State endure long hours of hard physical labor and are exposed to dangerous conditions every day, yet they are excluded from workplace rights afforded by the Fair Labor Standards Act (1938) and the National Labor Relations Act (1935). Their work is crucial to food production, and is the foundation of the state's multi-billion dollar agricultural industry. In the Capital District, there are almost 3,500 farms and 587,000 acres of farmland.

    We hope this event will achieve the following:

  • Spread awareness to state legislators, organizations and ordinary citizens;
  • Encourage Senators to cosponsor and enact the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act (S. 2721/ A. 4189);
  • Encourage Governor Cuomo and his staff to use their influence to bring the Bill to the floor for a vote;
  • Empower farmworkers throughout New York State and raise awareness of their rights.
  • Date: 
    Jan 17 2018 - 10:00am