Tutors & Mentors


We are committed to providing each participant in our Youth Empowerment Program(YEP) with mentors and tutors. The Tutors are available to work one on one with students who are facing challenges in their schools.

There are two types of Mentors: The first is to help YEP members with the college/trades preparation process. Working hand in with RMM’s College Prep coordinator, Mentors are available in person and via zoom to support the student. The second type of Mentor are those who are willing to introduce their vocation to our members who are interested in exploring a career in that field. Mentors will introduce the career and offer suggestions toward a career pathway.

Mentors and Tutors are people who have a kind heart and a lot of patience. To explore this volunteer opportunity, please reach out to Andres Chamorro, our YEP Coordinator at andres.m.chamorro@gmail.com and he will direct you in the right direction.