Justice Organization of Youth


“We come from different cultural and community backgrounds, which helps us understand each other and how we feel as minorities in rural settings. We live in farmworking areas that are very isolated. Each year, we choose and then explore three issues of concern in our lives.  We strive for  justice through performing arts (theater, spoken word and music) in order to create systemic change
“For example, recently we were concerned about efforts to ban books and critical race theory in our schools. We studied the issues, prepared a presentation and then we gave a presentation at a local school board where the issues were up for a vote. (We were pleased that these efforts were defeated after our presentation!)  ”We want to have a voice, and we want our communities of farmworkers to have a voice in issues that impact our lives.”

Justice Organization of Youth (JOY) was founded by members of our Summer Overnight Leadership Camp in 2016 to give a voice to young people, primarily from farmworking families in the Lake Ontario and Finger Lakes regions of western New York.

JOY offers presentations to schools, community events and congregations across New York by performing original Theatre of the Oppressed pieces.