Summer Overnight Leadership Camp and Summer Day Programs


Our Overnight Leadership Camp and Summer Day Programs is where RMM gets to meet young people from isolated spots across New York, and they get to meet us. At first glance it is a typical camp :the woods, swimming, boating, music and the arts. swimming, canoeing. A place where children get to be children. But, it is also a time when children develop understandings of the world, or the dynamics of systems and their own power, of organizing and developing skills to change the world. They are also doorways to the opportunities offered by our year-round youth leadership programs.

Here are some of the basics of the Camp and Summer Day Programs:

  • The Overnight Leadership Camp is a week long camp during the end of August. Up to 100 children attend from across rural New York, ages 8-17. Over half of the campers each year are returning campers, and many of the staff are former campers
  • The Summer Day programs take place at our centers and our two week day programs geared to some 100 middle school aged children.
  • Each summer our programs are theme based. Recent themes have included: Perseverance, Grit, Resistance and Choices.
  • We need to raise over $100,000 from private sources each year to offer the summer programs