Youth Scholarships


RMM works hard to support the dreams and opportunities of the members of the Youth Empowerment Program through two scholarship programs, The Camp Nurses Scholarship Fund and the Pedro Cruz Scholarship.

The Camp Nurses Scholarship Fund was created by the passionate and compassionate nurses of our Summer Overnight Leadership Camp to support graduates of Camp, especially those who are interested in health careers. The Camp Nurses Scholarship Fund deadline is August 1st.

In honor and memory of Pedro Cruz, a former Youth Empowerment staff member, RMM set up the Pedro Cruz Scholarship Fund. Pedro was a remarkable man who was determined to create opportunities for our youth. As Pedro battled cancer, he was still holding Youth Arts Group meetings and counseling youth.

The Pedro Cruz Scholarship Fund helps graduates of the Youth Empowerment Program with their college or career program-related costs. The Pedro Cruz Fund deadline is June 1st.

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