The Youth Arts Group


The Youth Arts Group (YAG) was founded by four teenage women back in the 1990’s. They were determined to create a program for young people in the Hudson Valley that helped use the arts to bring about change. With over a hundred alums, and a college matriculation rate among YAG graduates over 95% YAG has seen its leaders produce award winning films, lead state-wide symposia, travel to Canada, South America and across the United States offering sharing their story and training other young leaders. YAG has also watched its alums go on, among other things, to be directors of justice organizations, leaders in presidential campaigns, and serve in the Obama administration

As members of YAG, we are committed to empowering ourselves and others, developing and practicing our leadership skills, while acting as allies to each other and those seeking social justice. Through engagement in creative action, we are dedicated to the task of inviting other youth to create political, economic and social change.”