Julie Ubinas



Julie Ubinas was born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents. She was taught early in life to always have a growth mindset, be impeccable with her word and be a catalyst for change. Inspired by her family’s teachings of dignity and gratitude for what they had, Julie used those life lessons to build a 20-year career serving those in need.

Julie has worked in the field of Human Services and is passionate about helping others and creating positive change. “I strive to be a catalyst of change in my community and the communities I serve,” she says. “To achieve this, I advocate for disadvantaged individuals, volunteer my time to help others, and donate generously to mission-driven organizations that align with my morals and values.”

She has been actively involved in program development and collaboration with regulatory bodies, as well as many community-based agencies.

Julie received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social & Human Services from Empire State College and her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Marist College. Currently, she serves as the Hudson Valley Program Manager for Immigrant and Refugee Services at Catholic Charities, where she advocates for those who have migrated from other countries to the United States and have experienced oppression, abuse and exploitation on a micro and macro level.

“My lifelong goal is to continue my efforts to uplift, support and empower those who have experienced oppression and discrimination,” Julie says. “I find it rewarding to see individuals empowered and overcoming obstacles.”

More recently, her charge is to bring awareness and support to newly arrived migrants in New York State.

Julie enjoys networking and attending community events, as it provides an opportunity to meet people, learn about services within the community and connect people who can help each other. She is committed, both professionally and personally, to inspire and encourage those who cross her path.