Leigh Daynes

Theologian in Residence


The Rev. Leigh Daynes has joined RMM from England for the spring and summer of 2023 as Theologian in Residence, overseeing the Seminarian Fellowship. Before taking Holy Orders in the Church of England last year, Fr. Leigh held senior leadership positions in the international aid and development sector, specializing in public communications, government relations and public policy.

He was deployed to humanitarian emergencies globally with the international Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, and served at United Nations Headquarters in New York. As Chief Executive Officer, he led the UK-based YMCAs’ international development charity, enabling marginalized youth to start their own small businesses. As Executive Director of Doctors of the World UK, he delivered health services and advocacy programs, accompanying undocumented migrants in Europe.

Fr. Leigh holds a postgraduate qualification in Catholic Social Teaching from St. Mary’s University, London. His master’s degree dissertation in Theology, Ministry and Mission explored the extent to which the meal sharing practice of the Early Church might inform contemporary approaches to food justice and social and ecclesial transformation. Fr. Leigh has a long-held interest in how Christian praxis advances social justice, human rights and inclusion. He currently serves as Assistant Curate in the Parish of Becontree South, Dagenham, east London.