Roger Markovics



Roger Markovics has worked as a community organizer in Albany, NY, since 1970, in a job sharing arrangement with his wife, Maria, through Albany Catholic Charities. In 1971 their joint organizing efforts brought together a group of low-income tenants that eventually became the United Tenants of Albany. While continually operating as a storefront service center, the United Tenants has functioned as a base for community organization campaigns addressing problems with slumlords, community disinvestment, abandonment, displacement and homelessness.

Through Roger’s work at United Tenants these campaigns produced community-based regional organizations focusing on affordable housing problems, including the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region (CLF), the Albany Community Land Trust (ACLT), and the Affordable Housing Partnership (AHP), as well as a variety of coalitions and networks addressing specific housing issues.

Roger serves on the Board and committee level of these organizations, as well as other local and statewide organizations addressing socio-economic problems at the grass roots level. In addition, Roger has received local awards and commendations for his work, and has taught courses based on his community organizing experiences as an Adjunct Faculty at local colleges.