Youth Empowerment


Rural & Migrant Ministry has been on the cutting edge of offering creative and effective programs that support young emerging leaders within rural New York for over thirty-five years.

Each of the programs has been created, and carried forth, by young leaders. In turn, the programs form a network across New York that helps members connect to each other, resources, allies and opportunities.  The programs are unique, and in some cases nationally recognized. More importantly, they assist young people as they develop the skills and understandings to build their power and work for change.

This is essential as they face the challenges of rural New York. Our young leaders are overcoming immense obstacles. In addition to many of the traditional barriers of racism, adultism and poverty, many are first generation immigrants, and face language and cultural barriers. Often their parents are unfamiliar with the political and education systems, and that, combined with language barriers, makes. it difficult for them to be allies to their children within these systems. There are also the realities of living in rural New York State, where there are few resources, little public transportation and a deep isolation.


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